Cicero, New York: June 10, 1920 He had come to see the naked ladies and to lose his soul. He never got to see the naked ladies.   Imagine if Harry Potter had been Huck Finn . . .THE HOUDINI KILLERThe prequel to THE ZODIAC DECEPTION Coming in 2015... more


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All you fiction writers, listen up.Today’s December 25 and you know what that means.OK, maybe it’s not December 25 when you’re reading this, but just imagine it is. You’re writers, remember? Jeeze!So today’s December 25 and you know what that means.... more


It may not be Guinness-worthy, but I managed to break my own breaking record!Less than five minutes into the New Year and my Resolution was shot to -- whoops, almost got caught using a cliché.Anyway, there I was, having just watched Carson Daly drop... more


The reports of my blog's death have been greatly exaggerated!Moribund maybe, but dead? Sorry!Now it's back--with a vengence. So what's happened since last I wrote?Here's the big news: TOR/Forge, part of Macmillan, has bought two of my novels: THE... more


Better late than never!Happy Bloom's Day to one and all.Celebrate with a taste of Powers while reflecting on the following: . . . Yes . . . Yes . . . .


Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres it ain't, but it may be the perfect tonic for those who loved/hated/never took Latin or who think (depending on your age bracket) Latin means Ricky Ricardo disgustedly uttering "Loo-cee," Charo bursting out (... more


Today's Recipe for Writing: Krispies Marshmallow Squares a.k.a. Rice Krispies Treats. (I would add another "s" to Krispies, but there's that damn copyright thing!)Why make this? Because it's comfort food and comfort food is diverting and fun. The... more


Damn Wall Street Journal!No, it's not it's political leanings (I also damn The New York Times on a regular basis, and I used to work for "The Good Grey Lady"). No, it's not its owner. No it's not its price. It was a book review by John Heilpern, ... more


Wait a minute! Let me read that Blog Title again. Does it really say that fiction writers must be preachers?! Waz Up With Dat?? Isn't preaching one of the fundamental "no-nos" for fiction writers.  It says so--right there in every basic fiction... more



  • “The Zodiac Deception offers a fresh and wondrously original take on the old World War II tale.  Gary Kriss's sterling debut mixes magic and mysticism with espionage and derring-do to create a perfect blend of what you'd have if Eye of the Needle met Stephen King on a lighter day.  The story may not be true, but you'll wish it was and believe it too.  Bold, refreshing, and downright terrific.”

    —Jon Land, bestselling author of Pandora's Temple

  • “Gary Kriss makes a powerful debut in the riveting new thriller The Zodiac Deception.  The heavens are aligned to bring you the suspense of World War II - the dangers from Berlin to Paris to Cairo, the scheming of Hitler and his Nazi forces, the strategies of Churchill and his Allies - in a way you've never read about it before.  This is a stunning entry from former NYTimes reporter Kriss, from its haunting opening to its very last line.”

     —Linda Fairstein, New York Times bestselling author of Silent Mercy

  • "Gary Kriss is a brilliant new talent who has written a literate, complex, historical thriller filled with truly slimy villains, taut nail-biting suspense and snappy good guys you are going to like a lot.  Thanks, Gary, for a terrific fun read!”

    —Stephen Coonts , New York Times bestselling author of Pirate Alley